As a proud Portuguese brand, we are pleased to introduce you to our country’s distinctive sophistication. Let us take you on a journey through some of our favourite stores, projects and brands. And while you’re here, we hope you enjoy the ride to discover Portugal.

Portugal has its very own cosmopolitan, refined side, transversal to various fields. From unique ceramics to amazing food and literature, we tell you all about it.

Mondo Deli

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Located in the center of Oporto, we honestly cannot tell if Mondo Deli is a restaurant or a store. Let’s just say it’s the perfect fusion between the two. In here, you’ll have a whole gastronomic and visual experience. You can find design pieces, from kitchen tools made in Japan to fine German jewellery. And everything is ethereal and minimalist, just the way we like it at A-line.

Another great reason to visit, is the menu. It reflects a variety of flavours, inspired by Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean culture, with the particularity that every dish is adapted to seasonal products.  And yet, you will still discover Portugal in here. For all ingredients are Portuguese and come from small local suppliers. It is all about the freshness!

Claus Porto

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Based in Oporto yet with German roots, Claus Porto is a soap store where the experience is shock-full fragrant and colorful. Which is only natural, as it boasts 130 years of know-how in the industry. Visit the store and embark on a journey to the European Belle Époque. All products are produced using ancient techniques and wrapped by hand.

We simply love this brand. Not only because all soaps are handmade, but also because the creative and manufacturing process resembles that of our shirts. Claus is also the ‘most’ Portuguese soap brand. In fact, Lyn Harris, a British perfumer, worked with them to create a perfume with the scent of Portugal. She just had to share her love for the aromas of Douro and Alentejo. And who wouldn’t?

Santa Clara 1728

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© Francisco Nogueira

Located in one of the most romantic Lisbon squares, is the equally dreamy Santa Clara 1728. Right in the historical city center, this is a hotel that offers a charming and comfortable experience. Housed inside a 18th century pile, it was recently renovated by the architect Manuel Aires Mateus. Now, the intimate atmosphere features a polished and glamorous design. As you discover Portugal, enjoy your stay at the hillside. We promise breathtaking views over the Pantheon and the River Tejo.

Anna Westerlund

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© Anna Westerlund

Half-Portuguese, half-Swedish, Anna Westerlund is a ceramist based in Lisbon. Her craftwork takes us all over the world with its delicacy, personality and simplicity. She gently mixes raw shapes with colorful joy. But what is most interesting about her pieces, is that each of them is handcrafted and unique. Its flaws thus celebrated, not hidden. Essentially, these are the details that make each a one-of-a-kind object. Just like at A-line, where simplicity comes to life through subtle, harmonious contours.

Ana Dias Jewellery

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© Luis Espinheira

At first glance, you will surely realize that Ana Dias studied architecture, before turning to jewellery designing. As a result, she looks for the intersection of plans in each piece, just like in architecture. All about linear and geometric shapes, she creates jewellery for specific women. The ones who value simple design and seek individuality, much like with A-line clothing. If contemporary and delicate jewellery match your style, you will fall in love with this brand.

Pablo Pita

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© Pablo Pita

The architecture partnership between Pablo Rebelo and Pedro Pita is worth having a look at, when in Oporto. Surprising in every project, Pablo Pita has been showing a strong concept-approach and a minimal aesthetic – just like our clothing. So much so, that even WALLPAPER magazine took notice. The magazine’s nomination for one of the most promising 2017 projects was truly remarkable, especially at such a young age. So, you will not want to miss the chance to visit the Boavista House in Oporto. It is a great place to discover Portugal and its exciting architectonic trace.

Joana Astolfi

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© Joana Astolfi

The Portuguese artist, architect and designer Joana Astolfi is one you must get to know. While at her studio – Studio Astolfi – she works with a large team, creating installations. Her inspiration comes from a universe of objects, such as porcelain statuettes, toys and photographs.

Here, she designs the most distinguished and irreverent storefronts, for clients like Hermès nonetheless. While some of her national clients include Claus Porto and Lx Factory. Another brilliant example of her work, is the installation at ‘São Lourenço do Barrocal’. The farmscape hotel located in Alentejo, makes for the perfect whimsical setting.


So, have you packed yet? Then come discover Portugal at its best. And while you’re here, why not take a special memento from A-Line?