Today, we’re introducing you to Sofia Moser Leitão, one of our favourite inspirational women. Here she shares her story of creative life and a career in fashion, but also her crazy dreams for the future.

Who is Sofia, the girl behind all those beautiful photoshoots and her Instragram account?

Sofia is a happy kid, she’s ambitious and a dreamer. She’s also very quiet and calm, she likes being around the people she loves the most and to enjoy the best life has to offer.

How did you get in the fashion industry?

I started doing some photoshoots for my agency, Central Models, when I was 16. I never felt very comfortable in front of the camera. But then realized it’s something you can learn. Now it’s much easier and fun!

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Funny, comfortable, French.

Our Favourite Inspirational Women

Our favourite inspirational women have a style of their own

You are currently living in Lisbon. But you lived in France before the move. How was change for you?

It was great. I love Lisbon. Even if Paris will always be in my heart, Lisbon is my favorite city and the only place where I feel completely at home. And I’m realizing it is so more and more.

What’s your favorite place in town?

I love going dancing at 49, next to Galeria Zé dos Bois in Bairro Alto and Casa Independente. I also love my grandparents’ house, because lunch is always the best.

What’s the importance of ceramics in your life?

I started doing ceramics a few months ago. I’m still a beginner, but it’s been so cool, I love having my hands on the clay. It’s very therapeutic.

You are still very young. Any crazy dreams or plans for the future?

I’m always dreaming, I really dream a lot. I think it’s time to stop dreaming and start creating and doing things. But yes, I’m still 23 and getting a master in Cultural Management, so it’s ok.

What do you love about A-Aline?

I’m amazed with the quality of my first A-Line shirt! It’s impressive, so soft. And I love the little details. I was so happy with my initials on the shirt, it’s a great detail.

And which of the A-Line shirts are you?

I really think I am the one I’ve chosen. The white Bold Loop shirt. It really is my style.


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