Iva Viana is talent. Always with a smile on her face, Iva has gentle, deep eyes. From our series of inspirational women, she welcomed us into her atelier and allowed her pieces to tell us her story.

Our series of Inspirational WomenHer love for her art resonates in the way she talks about it. Iva gave us her permission to gently but freely touch and feel the pieces around us. And that is how The Atelier, part one of our Chapter 2 came to be. Meet Iva, in her own words.

Who is Iva, the sculptor? Does she share features of Iva, the woman?

Iva the sculptor/woman are the same person. Sculpting is not a job, it is a way of life. I don’t just switch off at the end of the day and the following day switch back on again and start working. It is who I am.

What is your favourite place on earth?

My parents’ house smelling of coffee.

What comes to your mind when you look at your work?

My pieces are made of light and shadow. I honestly do think no one else sees them the way I do, because when I look at them, I look for lines created by these shadows and these lights.

And where do you enjoy being when you are not working?

Rowing in the river.

Our series of Inspirational Women

Are you trying to achieve the perfect form through sculpting?

Even aesthetically, it is difficult for me to understand what perfection or imperfection is. When working, I think more about balance and imbalance.

What has art given you as a person?

Ornamental sculpting, working with plaster, has made me much more aware of the details in everything.

What is your concept of beauty?

Is there one? Beauty for me is strength, confidence and elegance.

Our series of Inspirational Women

Go behind the scenes, with our series of inspirational women

Do you identify with A-line’s simple but sophisticated lines?

Absolutely. I fell in love with A-line during the session in my atelier. I loved the quality, the details and the elegance.

Would you wear A-line?

Yes, and tell others about it. We should all have at least one A-line piece.

(If so) What is your favourite A-line style?

My Jungle 😉

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