This month, we met with the creative Daniela Marqueiro for our talks with inspirational women. We got to know her taste and how she connects with A-line.

Who’s the person behind Boop, your blog?

I am passionate about my family – João and our daughter Benedita, who is 2. I am 36 years old and have always lived in Porto, where I was also born. My family is my great support and always comes first. I am a graphic designer, a teacher at an art school and I am passionate about art and the universe of visual culture. I have a restless spirit, and although it may seem a little cliché, I try to constantly reinvent myself, it makes me feel fulfilled and happy!

talks with inspirational women

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

I find it difficult to describe my style in 3 words, the description always feels lacking. But I mainly wear practical, relaxed and comfortable clothes.

You are currently living in Porto. What’s your favourite place in town?

I have several places of choice, but it always depends on my state of mind.

You love to travel. Is there a place that has stuck with you?

For the last three years I have travelled only in Portugal. After Benedita was born we ended up choosing destinations that we were more familiar with – to facilitate the logistics of first-time parents. But I am eager to travel the world again and I have a long list of destinations I want to explore. I need new synergies, new cultural and gastronomic experiences. And if on the one hand I need cosmopolitan landscapes, on the other hand, I also enjoy quiet landscapes…

talks with inspirational women

Talks with inspirational women, on a lovely day at the park

Having a daughter must have changed things a lot. How did it change your life?

It is good to think in retrospective. Over the past 3 years, a lot has changed. It was difficult to reconcile Benedita’s birth with my professional activities, while finishing a master’s degree and moving 3 times from home. Our habits have clearly changed, so I had to restructure my priorities and become more practical and assertive. Sometimes we need moments of abstraction and introspection, when we have children that is impossible. But being a mother is probably the most crosscutting role a woman can take on. It’s a full-time, uninterrupted life project. I so want to make the most of this experience, because Benedita is at a fantastic stage of her life, and now that I am more available, it is great to have the opportunity to build a close-knit relationship with her great to build on our complicity.

What do you love about A-line?

That the personality and originality of the details make each shirt different and carefully thought out. They are timeless, versatile and created with maximum attention to detail.

talks with inspirational women

Which of the A-line shirts are you?

I think I’m more than one. The AL02, because of the simple and pure lines, and the Bold Loop, because of its sophisticated lines and the loop detail, which I love!

talks with inspirational women

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