The female power movement is raising more awareness every day. So we want to share some of our all-time favourite documentaries on inspirational women with you.

Our daily life is inspired by powerful women. From their vision to their courage, many are the aspects that make them special and inspiring. Which is why we have selected the must-see documentaries on inspirational women, to share with you today. The good news is that all of these are on Netflix and Christmas season is here. Get to know these women and their stories. On the edge of your seat already?

Our favourite documentaries on Inspirational Women

Documentaries on Inspirational Women

Iris (2014)

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Who said there is an age when you stop being fierce? Iris Apfel is living proof that you can still be a legend at 93, her age at the time the documentary was filmed. Now, at 96, she is a fashion icon whose life deserves to be celebrated. Even though she does not think of herself as a beautiful woman, she knows that her boldness and audacious style have made her the woman she is today. And that is exactly what inspires us the most: her courage and daring personality.

More than a fashion film, this is a film about creativity. You can also learn a lot from Iris’ shopping routine and how to haggle with sales assistants. You will undoubtedly be dazzled by her insanely huge wardrobe, a collection she built while travelling or on her shopping sprees. For Iris, what’s important in a piece is the piece itself. The brand does not matter, what she values is the design. And, as she says, fashion means effort, so you have to get out there and really go for it.


Documentaries on Inspirational Women

Franca: Chaos and Creation (2016)

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One of the must-see documentaries on inspirational women, Franca is is also about courage. It is an intimate and realistic portrait of Franca Sozzani, the former editor of Vogue Italia. Directed by her son, Francesco Carrozzini, the documentary features Marina Abramovic, Naomi Campbell, Karl Lagarfeld and many other that were close to this powerful woman.

Franca was raised in a rich and powerful family, so working in the fashion industry, often seen as futile, was a choice her parents never understood. Especially, when she became responsible for some of the controversial editions of Vogue Italia. But Franca always believed in herself and in the power of being disruptive. She kept on publishing photo shoots that challenged taboos and minds of all times. It was this avant-garde side of Franca that made her a real inspiration for A-line.


Documentaries on Inspirational Women

Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017)

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We already know that Lady Gaga is a true provocateur, but this documentary, directed by Chris Mourkabel, shows us what’s behind the cameras and the dark side of fame. We can see the real person behind Lady Gaga’s character in her preparation for the Super Bowl show. The title is a reference to the performer’s small stature, sincerity and humor of the person ‘behind’ the pop culture icon. However, it also shows just how much she has to prepare before all her performances, since she suffers from intense pain, both physical and psychological.

She is a real rebel. If wearing a meat dress is the way to criticize the stereotypical idea of feminine beauty and the objectification of women, she will. But the film also brings to light an intimate and delicate side of her, like the connection with her fan base, the Little Monsters, or her family. At A-Line, we love honest and straightforward pieces of art like this one.


Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold (2017)

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And last but not least on our list of documentaries on inspirational women, this is one must-see, especially for journalists. Directed by Joan Didion’s nephew, Griffin Dunne, this intimate documentary depicts the turbulent life of the former Vogue journalist, whose career peaked in the 50s, a decade all about hippies and drugs.

From hanging out at a recording studio with Jim Morrisson, to cooking dinner for one of Charles Manson’s wives, it is a raw portrait of the real New York at that time. She conquered readers with her raw, up-close look at the 50s and 60s lifestyle, a time when hardcore house parties, overdoses and shootings took place. Her writing has no filters, as well as our admiration for her.


We hope you enjoy and feel inspired by all these people. We do, because we work from one woman to another.

All day, every day.

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