Because A-line is made of women who dress other women, we have a real insight into the mosaic of roles we take on daily. And we know, that it is not our body size that makes a woman’s measurement. But rather our mindset and aspirations, that get us going all day, every day.


The Right Measurement

When choosing the right shirt for ourselves, we tend to look for the perfect combination between style and fitting. Sometimes it can be hard to follow trends, especially when the piece of the moment is not so flattering. Or perhaps we just want to express our own individuality, and step outside the pre-conceived notions of beauty.

Be as it may, we all seek that essential piece of clothing in the right measurement. Which is to say, we want to look our best in it. As we tackle stressful careers, motherhood, relationships and other endless parts, we want to be confident in our own skin.

Our Special Sizes

With all this in mind, A-line takes measurement as an additional element of style. To us, size goes hand in hand with shape and details, when it comes to versatility. You can either get your crisp white shirt closely fitted or comfortably loose. Honestly, it all depends on your perspective and personal expression. Have a look at our size guide here, and you’ll find options ranging from XS to XXL.

As you get familiar with our collections, you will notice that each style has its own singularities. From pleats and puff sleeves to disruptive textures, fabric is key to reinvent a woman’s shirt. And every small change in proportion, has an impact on design. So, to make sure that our shirts preserve their character, we have made a selection of the most versatile styles.




A: Neck

Measure your neck around the line of it.

B: Shoulders

Measure the line from shoulder to shoulder.

C: Bust

Measure around the chest at the fullest point of the bust.

D: Waist

Measure your waist around natural waistline.

E: Hip

Measure the widest part of the hips whilst standing with feet together.


Be classic, be disruptive, but above of all be yourself in a A-line shirt.
From one woman to another.