A fierce dreamer, Catarina Mira moved from Portugal to London in search of new challenges. She is not afraid of taking risks, be it in life or in her wardrobe: she marries impeccable good taste with heaps of versatility. We couldn’t help but surrender to her charm and felt the urge to find out more about this proud Portuguese, an old soul.

You proudly support 100%Portuguese brands. What is your take on national fashion?

I think we are headed in the right direction. We see new brands in the make all the time, and social networks allow new designers to showcase their work, not only to Portuguese consumers but also worldwide. I believe that this bodes well for the future of Portuguese fashion, brands must get out there and showcase their work internationally, especially at a time when online shopping has really taken off. Nothing pleases me more than to support Portuguese brands.

Your style, in 3 words.

Sober and practical, but fearless.

What are your main style influences?

I feel I find inspiration more in references from the past than anything else, and maybe that’s why I normally go for timeless pieces rather than trendy ones. People like Lauren Hutton, Princess Diana or Audrey Hepburn will always be references for extreme elegance. From our days I like Rihanna’s irreverence, and although hers and my style have nothing in common, she is a risk taker and has fun with fashion, more than other people in the public eye.

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Have you succumbed to the charms of Her Majesty’s realm? Why the move to London?

Yes, and despite the many downsides, like how expensive it is, the weather, etc., this is a city where you have access to so much… art, cultural diversity, work opportunities…Sometimes I get fed up with its chaos, and when it happens, we just get in the car: it doesn’t take long to drive to the countryside. I feel wherever we live we need to compromise, and London is no exception. What brought me to England was the will to grow professionally and to try my hand at the entertainment industry, which has nothing in common with the Portuguese one.

Sunny Portugal or rainy London?

Both. I like it that, unlike Portugal, in London people do their normal lives despite the weather. However, I can’t deny I terribly miss the sunlight and blue skies…

What is the piece your wardrobe must have?

Straight, vintage wash denim jeans.

Which A-line piece do you most identify with?

The one I’m wearing in the photographs 🙂

Is Catarina an A-line woman?

I hope so! I really like the fact that the brand has timeless pieces, elegant and of such good quality.

White or striped shirts?

I like both options: stripes in the summer, white all year long.

A princess-like marriage proposal, in the perfect movie set. Are there words for that?

Right, it really was incredible and I am ever so grateful that I found someone with whom I really want a future with, which, who knows, will last till the day we die.

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