inspirational women in fashion

Her accent doesn’t go unnoticed, just like her authenticity and her identity as a northern woman. After several years working as a model and a designer, Tânia found happiness in creative direction. Be it in the work she does for Decenio or Tiffosi, or after a quick scroll on her Instagram account, we can’t but notice her impeccable good taste and graciousness. In this series of inspirational women in fashion, the stylist from Porto told us a bit more about her burning desires and ambitions and surprised us with a tailored tour of Porto.

You have probably been asked a million times already,  but where does the word ‘Dioespirro come from?

‘Dioespirro’ (‘Persimmonsneeze’) was a ‘stop motion’ animation – a very crude one – I made with paper cuts when I was at university. It told the story of a persimmon walking around a dandelion field. All of a sudden, there’s a gush of wind, and in an allergy spell, the persimmon sneezes and explodes. I thought it was a really funny word and adopted it 🙂

How did your career as a model inform your aesthetic sense as a stylist?

I have always enjoyed working in fashion, although I never loved working as a model. When I finished university I started working as a communication designer in the fashion industry. Then life happened (I mean in the best way possible), and I ended up working on my favourite side of the camera, with people I have always loved. The years I worked as a model gave me the opportunity to get to know the industry better and helped me to understand I love fashion. Today, when I work, I often put myself in the shoes of those on the other side of the camera, I love taking care of my models and pampering them, if they are not happy, the result will never be the same!

inspirational women in fashion

Does the clear vision you have as a designer influence your daily style?

I think it is a bit the other way around. I have always been a very visual person, who surrenders to images that talk to me (whatever they may be), so I have always looked for many aesthetic references. That is probably why I decided to study design and why I am always careful with everything that paints a picture (any picture). Maybe that does mirror itself on my day-to-day style…

You are a self-professed plant-lover. Is that a key element to your work?

I do enjoy having plants around, and yes, I Have the utmost respect for Mother Nature and her many accomplishments. But I feel that, be it at work or in my personal life, I am equally influenced by nature, technology and the urban vibe. I think I am more the product of these 3 elements and that I move more comfortably where I find a bit of each of them.

What is the piece your wardrobe must have?

Honestly, and very inconspicuously, the white shirt and the overcoat go hand-in-hand and you find many of them in my wardrobe.

Born and bred in Porto. What most inspires you in your city? In 3 words.

The people, the river and the accent.

How do you see the A-line woman?

Someone who feels classics are a must, but who is original enough to re-interpret them.

What’s your favourite thing about your AL03?

First I was wowed by the packaging! I felt like going on a weekend inside it 😉 Then I fell in love with how versatile the piece was…

inspirational women in fashion

What summer essentials do you think a woman cannot go without?

Sunscreen, reading material for the beach (books, magazines, sites, etc….), headphones and a hat. As many hats as possible, please! 😉

What role does music play in your life?

One of my best friends.

What is your guilty pleasure?

My exercise playlist, called ‘boxing beats’, with a lot of hip-hop I do not listen to any other time…

inspirational women in fashion

Porto City Guide by Tânia

Where to stay…

Somewhere with a view of the river. Having the Douro wishing you a ‘good day’  is an excellent way to have one.

Where to eat…

I would say at my grandmother’s, but it is not easy to book a table, so I guess you can go for one of the daily options at Miss Opo, a salad at Brick, a ‘francesinha’ at Velasquez,   the Japanese snacks at Shiko, the pizza with a view of the Douro at Casa d’ Oro, the fish fillets at Casa Aleixo… It is not difficult to eat well in Porto!

– You are in Porto. You must use that time to…

Be with my people!

– Something people should know about Porto…

Right now, the people who make Porto what it is are unable to live in it because of sky-high rents!

– The most ‘fashion’ thing about Porto is…

>I really have trouble interpreting the word ‘fashion’ as an adjective, so I am at a loss for words

Women from Porto. Their style in a word.


– What you miss the most when you are away…