Have you always felt good on your skin?

I can’t think of a moment that I haven’t felt good on my skin, however I have experienced some insecurity periods, due to some phases of changes where I was trying to understand who I was. Sometimes these phases can last almost all of your life, but I feel that as the years go by, we face our insecurities with more relaxation. At least, this has been what my experience tells me about…

Which do you think is the major proof that a woman is self-confident?

I feel that a woman who is self-confident is someone who learnt to say “No”! That has no need to please everyone, of accepting uncomfortable situations and that has learnt to stop telling “No” to herself, “you can’t do it”, “it is not worth it”… As women, we are educated and culturally conditioned by a stereotype that is more and more out-of-date, facing the imperative role that women have now on labour market, on familiar structures and as changing agents in the world. Saying “No” without having fear of disagree, of losing friends, or being seen as a difficult person, is a way of liberation.

Usually, you get to think a lot before accepting new challenges or you easily go out of your “comfort zone”?

I think that, nowadays, I easily go out of my comfort zone. I have been able to understand, for some time, that the experiences I feared the most, have ended to become the ones that have marked me more positively, both because they have been extremely rewarding or because they have been difficult, but the overcoming feel has made me more confident. Right now I try to put myself frequently and deliberately out of my comfort zone to challenge myself, even though I recognize that is a daily effort. Sometimes it’s something like sending an e-mail to a stranger, whom I would like to work with; other times is just the gym class that I keep doing always the same way, but that one day I decide I will give more from me and try with heavy weights. I think that every small gesture will contribute for that mentality of not fear the challenge.

I can imagine that moving to NY has been one of the major changing moments on your life… Do you want to sum up how has everything happened and why about the decision? Feelings, fears, gains, losses…?

Moving to NY was definitely the most amazing experience in my life, until now! This has happened because my husband has been offered a job and, by that time, me and him we were just needing a challenge, felling that we were comfortable but unsatisfied, and we want to have the experience to live abroad. It could have been London or Barcelona, but ended being New York.

This change made me reflect a lot on my future and what I value the most in life, because the American culture is so different from the Portuguese one, that has helped me to put on perspective the good things that my country had to offer and that I was not paying attention or appreciate.

While we were there, every year has brought different lessons; on the first one, we thought that we wouldn’t make it on the adaptation, but then everything has changed and we started feeling at home there and in Portugal. We have grown and if the distance from our family and friends is hard, from one side, on the other hand has helped us to be more focused on our personal and profissional goals.

I thought that this distance would be harmful to my relationships, but now I feel that has been the opposite. I have learnt to not take people for granted and wanting to take more care of the ones I love, being them near or far away. I feel that I have gained so much with the experience; even the not so good moments have been super important lessons that I will never forget!

It is said that “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Which are the next steps for you?

That is probably my motto over the past 5 years! I have experienced huge changes, being them personal or profissional, but I feel that I have now way ahead the biggest challenge of them all. I am preparing a super personal project, that will involve a major investment of my time, as well as of my resources, but that I feel that will be extremely rewarding, since it is one of my biggest dreams, that I couldn’t imagine I would be bold enough to pursue. It is going to be a giant step out of my comfort zone and I just love it! Stay tuned! 😉