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Inspirational women in fashion: Tânia Dioespirro

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Inspirational women in fashion: Tânia Dioespirro


Her accent doesn’t go unnoticed, just like her authenticity and her identity as a northern woman. After several years working as a model and a designer, Tânia found happiness in creative direction. Be it in the work she does for Decenio or Tiffosi, or after a quick scroll on her Instagram account, we can’t but notice her impeccable good taste and graciousness. In this series of inspirational women in fashion, the stylist from Porto told us a bit more about…

The perfect white Shirt

Tricks & Tips

Struggling when deciding what to wear? A white shirt is always the answer! ‘When A-line designed its first shirt, it strived to create the perfect unconventional shape. We have paired an ultra-feminine fit and a fabric mostly made from cotton, the result has been an elegant, understated, comfortable piece.’   And that is how one of our best sellers, the AL02 came to be.

The importance of a Measurement: our special sizes

Tricks & Tips

Because A-line is made of women who dress other women, we have a real insight into the mosaic of roles we take on daily. And we know, that it is not our body size that makes a woman’s measurement. But rather our mindset and aspirations, that get us going all day, every day.

Shirts and Blouses: Understanding the difference

Tricks & Tips

Misconceptions about the differences between shirts and blouses are quite common, which is why our creative team – led by Alexandra Carneiro and with the help of her right arm, the designer Filomena Machado – has decided to shed some light over the matter.