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C H A P T E R   — 0 1

In the first chapter of A-Line story, Alexandra Carneiro revisits the defining moments of feminine power dressing to reinvent the wardrobe of the contemporary woman.

From the French Commedia dell’Arte, to the Victorian Age and the appearance of the New Look, ending in the irreverence of the 80’s – the shirts of this A-Line limited edition collection, are reborn through bold and unconventional shapes.


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C H A P T E R   — 0 2

Sofia with Patch Stripe Overshirt

In the second chapter of the A-line story, Alexandra Carneiro takes inspiration from iconic women. We highlight Sofia: strong, down-to-earth and creative, but always mindful of her appearance and her femininity.

The limited edition pieces are surprising, with its unexpected shapes. Their fitting embodies a poetic universe with a contemporary touch. Silks contrast with transparencies and ultra-soft fabrics. Meet Sofia, part of our newest A-line chapter.

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