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A-Line’s third chapter is still about mastering the perfect shirt, but we have also designed dresses, trousers, skirts, vests, jackets and kimonos. Pieces we all pine after and bearing the brand’s DNA create full looks that tell the story of a woman who is filled with light, loves globetrotting and delights in new perspectives.

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C H A P T E R   — 0 2

In the second chapter of the A-line story, Alexandra Carneiro takes inspiration from iconic women. In fact, the highlight of this collection is Sofia: strong, down-to-earth and creative. Yet, always mindful of her appearance and her femininity.

The limited edition pieces in chapter 02 are surprising, filled with unexpected shapes. Their fitting embodies a poetic universe, still with a contemporary touch. Silks that contrast with transparencies and ultra-soft fabrics. Take a moment to meet Sofia, part of our newest A-line chapter.

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Our collection starts with the first chapter of the A-line story. By revisiting the defining moments of feminine power, Alexandra interprets pieces that reinvent the wardrobe of the contemporary woman.

Not only taking inspiration from the French Commedia dell’Arte and the Victorian Age, but also from the appearance of the New Look and the irreverence of the 80’s. The shirts of this A-line limited edition collection, are truly reborn through bold and unconventional shapes.

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About A-line

A-line is a brand of shirts, that is challenging conventions to create the perfect fit for the woman of the 21st century. When simplicity meets sophistication — the synergy results in unlikely shapes that compliment the female body.

Each piece is the ultimate reflection of what the A-line woman stands for – elegance, maturity and confidence. Designing the perfect shirt and sharing it with women everywhere was Alexandra Carneiro’s drive. Especially thorough and passionate about detail, the creative director has synced her sense of taste and her 20 years’ experience in the textile industry, to reinvent the essentials in a woman’s wardrobe.


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