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Chapter 01

In the first chapter of Aline story, Alexandra Carneiro revisits the defining moments of feminine power dressing to reinvent the wardrobe of the contemporary woman. From the French Commedia dell’Arte, to the Victorian Age and the appearance of the New Look, ending in the irreverence of the 80’s – the shirts of this A-Line limited edition collection, are reborn through bold and unconventional shapes.


The Puff Sleeve is a bold shirt, inspired in the audacity of the contagious 80’s.

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The AL02 is a simple, versatile shirt, a day-to-day must have.

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Padded Shoulder is a shirt with an unconventional structure and cut, inspired by the padding trend. Its perfectly outlined, mushroom-shaped shoulders are its highlight.

A-line Blue Pierrot Campaign

The Blue Pierrot shirt takes inspiration from the French Commedia dell’Arte. With a more laid-back look in mind, it is made of blue polyamide cotton and has a ribbed texture.

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Safari is a shirt dress that revisits the vibrant energy of the 20’s in South Africa.

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Bold Loop is a shirt that takes inspiration from women’s delicacy and creates a luxurious impact with its loose loop around the neck. Matte white cotton was the material of choice to produce this piece, classic in construction and loose-fitted.

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Swallow’s Wings is a shirt that takes inspiration from the women’s self-assertion movement, it is defined by its unconventional high, rounded collar.

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