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Chapter 04

A-line’s fourth chapter is still about mastering the perfect shirt, but we have also, and once again, designed dresses, trousers, skirts, coats, vests and jackets. Pieces we all pine after and bearing the brand’s DNA create full looks
that feel the story of a woman who is filled with light, loves globetrotting and delights in new perspectives.

Comfort meets sophistication and allows our women to find out more about themselves while exploring the world and all that is out there. Movement, ease and light have been instrumental in designing pieces with structured cuts, but also fluid and with an unrestrained character. Fresh cuts, shapes, techniques and patterns breathe life into this new journey, one which begins with self-learning and will take you to uncharted territory.

Urban hail

Accepting the risk taker role, the main character is confident about her own skin, not having fear of taking chances. This time the quilted technique and the tartan pattern are major stars, along with more voluminous shapes and pieces of master design.

Breathing clouds

Here, this same woman goes for comfort without, however, neglect her femininity. She relaxes and chill, but never looses her essence, her true at heart. Wool, knits, romantic white shirts and blouses, and more basic ones, are the key to her identity.


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This journey begins by featuring the cosmopolitan A-line woman strolling around the city, on urban and casual-chic looks. She is a wandering spirit, an independent human being, that goes directly from work to happy hour, for example. Her style? Black colour, always the black, combined with white shirts, of course, and some prints that peek underneath.


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Winds of lavish

Shapes and design fulfill her life, for a more luxurious approach.


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About A-line

A-line is a brand of women’s shirts, that is challenging conventions to create the perfect fit for the 21st century woman. As simplicity meets sophistication — the synergy results in unlikely shapes that compliment the female body.


meet Alexandra Carneiro, the Author