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Shop ED0304 Tunic blouse

Shop ED0304 Tunic blouse

Asymmetric tunic blouse



Shop ED0304 Tunic blouse in Cotton, short sleeved and featuring an asymmetrical statement hem. Its front pleats add to its distinctiveness. We give you the tunic blouse, its main features being the drapping and pleats down the front. Living up to the brand’s motto – ‘unconventional shapes’ – this piece owes its statement status to its asymmetrical shape and its slight ‘wave effect’ down the front. From the back it is a perfectly traditional shirt, were it not for the obvious asymmetry. 100% cotton, its button placket goes halfway down the front and it features 3/4 sleeves, making it the perfect shirt for women who are looking for a look that is distinctive but just in the slightest way.


Shop ED0304 Tunic Blouse or have a look at our other sophisticated styles from Edition 03.

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XS, S, M, L, XL


Sample fit size S


100% cotton, 30° Wash

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