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ED0305 Shirt

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ED0305 Shirt

Soft cotton front cut shirt



Shop ED0305 Shirt in cotton, polyamide and elastane, featuring a special cut on its front panel. This is a statement shirt, featuring a special cut on its front pannel – completely aligned with the button placket – as a main, unconventional shape. It is long-sleeved and features special, asymmetrical cuffs to which different buttons have been sewn, because thoroughness and a passion for details are part of A-Line’s DNA. It is made from the softest cotton, to which materials such as polyamide and elastane have been added, so as to ensure total comfort when worn. For an elegant, mature and confident look, key qualities in A-line women and what they stand for, this shirt reinvents an essential staple in a women’s wardrobe: the white shirt.


Shop ED0305 Shirt or have a look at our other sophisticated styles from Edition 03.

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XS, S, M, L, XL


Sample fit size S


75% Cotton 21% Polyamide 4% Elastane

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