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Shop EDL0301 Dress

Shop EDL0301 Dress

Striped slip dress



Shop EDL0301 Dress, a striped slip dress, featuring a V- shaped neckline and side slits for a more eleganrt contemporary look. Constructed in a blend of cotton, polyamide and elastane Et voilá, the ultimate dress, the slip dress. Designed to endure the test of time – a timeless piece, despite being striped -, it will easily become the obvious choice for numerous occasions, such as a city stroll. Why not? Constructed in the perfect blend of materials such as cotton, polyamide and elastane for breathability and comfort, it comes with two side pockets and two lateral openings which only add to its femininity and wearability. When matched with a boxy shirt in the same fabric, preferably unbuttoned, the resulting look will not only be elegant but also cool.


Shop EDL0301 Dress or have a look at our other sophisticated styles from Edition 03.

Additional information

Blue Stripes


XS, S, M, L, XL


Sample fit size S


75% Cotton 21% Polyamide 4% Elastane

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