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Shop EDL0309 Overshirt dress

Shop EDL0309 Overshirt dress

Long stripe overshirt dress



Shop EDL0309 Overshirt dress, a long shirt dress, featuring long sleeves and vibrant muiticolour stripes, making for a relaxed cut piece. Constructed in a blend of linen, viscose and polyamide. This is a longer shirt – almost a dress-, really, and therefore, ‘the’ shirt-dress in all its glory. It falls into the ‘resort’ category and could very easily be pictured in a beachy scenario, not only because of its material, but also because it features a super fresh multi-coloured pattern. It features a mandarin collar, an understated mini pocket, a button placket that goes halfway down its front and long sleeves. Constructed in a blend of linen, viscose and polyamide, its design comes away as a relaxed-cut piece and is therefore perfect for summery months.


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XS, S, M, L, XL


Sample fit size S


60% Linen 30% Viscose 10% Polyamide

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